Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I heard that once the WCA leaves that the United Methodist Church will no longer teach the scriptures or believe in Christian orthodoxy. The UMC will deny the virgin birth, the resurrection of Jesus, and other core beliefs. Is that true?

A: Absolutely false! The United Methodist Church is deeply committed to teaching the Scriptures and Christian orthodoxy. The doctrines of the UMC are in the Articles of Religion and cannot be changed. Furthermore, there are no voices calling for anything else.

Q. Is it true that the UMC will soon change its position on human sexuality?

A Likely not. The UMC is a global church and is not losing that many members to the GMC. Church law is decided through a complicated legislative process. It is hard to know where the UMC or GMC will be on these issues in a few decades.

Q. Most of the church of the Alabama West Florida Conference are going GMC.

A: Not true. Most of the Churches in the conference are staying UMC. It is hard to know exactly how many churches will leave. Right now, it looks closer to 20% with another 5% or so going independent or to another denomination.

Q. We must make our decisions quickly, because time is running out?

A. Not true. While there is a sunset of para 2553 at the end of 2023, it is widely expected to be renewed at General Conference. Furthermore, the conference trustees intend to act in the spirit of para 2553 until it is extended. Changing denominations is a huge decision and should not be rushed until all sides are explored. The GMC does not have its Convening Conference until 2024. We recommend seeing what kind of denomination it really is, before joining.

Q. I heard that once the GMC leaves the UMC will not be very viable. Is that true?

A: The UMC has been around since 1784 and it will continue. All denominations are facing challenges in our secular age and so will the GMC. We are praying that the current splintering causes us to refocus on our mission and give us a new sense of purpose.

Q: Is the main difference between the UMC and GMC views on human sexuality?

A: Not really. They currently have the same view on sexuality, but they hold different views on ecclesiology (doctrine of the church). The UMC is a connectional church, like John Wesley designed, where it is united through a web of relationships with his "trust clause" and other checks and balances. In the GMC, there is no "trust clause" and so it has a more congregational system.

Q: So will there be more accountability in the GMC than the UMC?

A: No. Because of the congregational polity there is decidedly less. Each congregation is able to practice or believe whatever they want. Submitting to the authority of the new denomination is voluntary.

Q: They say that there will not be room for conservative churches or clergy in the UMC?

A: False. The UMC is and has always been a big tent church known for its diversity. Conservatives are welcomed and are likely a majority in the denomination and the conference for the foreseeable future.